Thursday, November 4, 2010

Very Cool Find, Antique Cabinet

This is one of my great success stories, finding something for less than $10, and then selling it for over $150. Keep in mind this required a TON of work on my part as this there was a reason this vintage piece was priced so low. A whole chunk was missing from the top of one of the drawers and one of the interior shelves had been busted out.

Fixing the interior shelf was easy, I just needed a piece of wood similar in thickness to the shelf on the opposite side (thanks to a neighbor who let me dumpster dive multiple times while putting an addition onto her house), a tape measure, a jigsaw, and a sander. Once the proper piece was cut, nailing it in an covering the holes was easy.

The busted drawer was a whole other issue. I took the whole thing apart, and flipped the drawer face over, drilled new holes for the pulls, and put the drawer back together so that the busted part was now on the bottom. I thought if I distressed the whole piece, it would not matter that there was a little damage on the bottom of the bottom drawer; it would give it character. Turns out the damage was worse than I thought and was very obvious, even on the bottom side of the bottom drawer. After much brainstorming and a few trips to the hardware store, I finally figured out how to repair the drawer with a thin piece of wood that matched the size of the drawer front, attaching it with brackets on the back, and filling in all cracks. Once painted, you could not tell the drawer had ever been damaged. I had to reassemble the drawer again to make close properly, but the end result was a really cool piece.

I kept the original pulls in the original color since I thought they gave it a unique, vintage feel.

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