Saturday, November 6, 2010

Black Distressed Bedroom Set

A found a huge set of furniture that included a king headboard, 2 side tables, an armoire/wardrobe, a dresser, and a mirror. The furniture is solid wood and super heavy. I tend to lean towards black and white painting, and something this "majestic" really needed a dark color. But with all the intricate woodwork, I thought distressing it would add a really neat look.
Because the furniture was so heavy, my husband and I removed the drawers and cabinet doors on all the pieces before getting them out of my moving van (aka, my minivan), so I did not make an effort to do great "before" pictures. You can see a "before" cabinet door in the background of the pic with the family working on other furniture. The finished headboard can also be seen in the background of this pic. There are also images of the "in-between" phase, where I finished the drawers, but yet to start on the actual wardrobe. I am not sure why I do not have a pic of the dresser with mirror.

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  1. In The Tale of Two Headboards, what is the color of the black headboard you used on the first headboard?