Thursday, November 4, 2010

Home Projects

I have painted pretty much every surface of my house.

My kitchen cabinets have been painted and glazed twice since I was unhappy with my original attempt.

I've also painted all of the bathroom cabinets.

My kitchen table is the original oak one that I had as a kid. I've painted it black at least three times. The first attempt was a mediocre job, so I did it again. The second attempt was beautiful, but I accidently painted the table shut, so when baby #3 got big enough to join us at the table, there was no way to open the table to add the extra leaf, so I had to paint it for a third time.

This table is paired with the six chairs from a Pier One dining room set (we still have the table, it is untouched and paired with leather parson's chairs in the dining room). Baby #1 liked to gnaw on wood, so these chairs had bite marks all over them. I painted the chairs a leather red, distressed them, then glazed them with a dark brown glaze. I think the red paired with black is beautiful, and goes well with the rest of the kitchen.

My next house project was painting all the trim and paneling. When the house was built in 1985, dark wood was the rage. Once I saw how much bigger the rooms looked in neighbor's houses with painted woodwork, I decided to do my own.

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