Friday, March 11, 2011

Table and Four Chairs

This table and chair set was sitting in my garage for what seemed like forever. I don't have a picture of the table "before", but you can see from the chair "before" that they were all pretty beat up.

The chairs had been covered with a cute gingham print. It was obvious once I got on the underside of the chairs that this was a re-cover job, and I am guessing it was pretty recent since the fabric was in really great shape - little wear, no rips or tears, and minimal staining. The chairs were pretty damaged on the bottom, but nothing a little wood glue and wood screws could not fix.

Once I took the seat cushions off and then repaired the chairs, I painted them an off-white. I then hand distressed and poly'd them. Lastly I put the cushions back on.

The table involved different preparations as it had a very heavy coat of awful polyurethane on it. I don't enjoy working with chemical strippers, so to get all this gunk off I had to use a manual stripping tool and then sanded it down. It was very time consuming and messy, but it needed to be done to make the table top uniform. Finally I was able to paint it, distress it, and poly it.

My favorite part of this project was working on the table legs. They had neat little cracks and crevices that distressed really well. And now it is finally out of my garage!

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